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“Closing the Crop-Yield Gap through Better Soil and Better Management”

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This book argues for better soils and better crop management. This book is based upon five claims:

1. The gap between average crop yield and what better growers are getting can be filled. This goal is number one.

2. Even the gap between yields of better growers and record yields can become more narrow. This is goal number two.

3. These goals can be largely met with creation of better soil and with more attention to management details. The use of the concept of the Law of the Maximum will be essential.

4. The goals can be met without new breakthroughs in plant biology. Such advancements, however, will be welcome.

5. The principles outlined can also be used for very small-scale agriculture as well as for large-scale agriculture. Slight modifications may be necessary for some.


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Past – Present — Future
This unique volume features scientific, technical, and practical information on mineral, organic, and synthetic conditioners and their beneficial effects of the soil physical properties that promote optimal plant growth, maximize soil fertility, and enhance other inputs.

The Essential Truth About PAM
PAM does one simple thing. It stabilizes soil structure. This one simple thing, however, has far reaching implications that ultimately lead to increased crop yield, higher profits, and a safer environment.

Soil Conditioner and Amendment Technologies Volume I and II

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Volume I
This hardcover volume has 340 pages and 33 contributions with major emphasis on:

Organic Matter (composts)
Water-Soluble Polymers
Sulfur and Pyrites
Interactions of about

An important feature is a discussion of how different conditioners-amendments when used together can have an additive or even synergistic effect for increase benefit to the growing plant.

Volume II
This hardcover volume has 451 pages and 78 contributions adds to Volume1 and has major emphasis on:

Sustainability in Agricultural Operations
Soil Quality
Soil Management
Potential for Soil Conditioners and Amendments
Biological Properties of Soil
Erosion Control
Best Management Practices

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